[Children] need to know much of the ancient mythology; but they may be made conversant with its power, richness and beauty, without being initiated into its revolting and hideous details.”

-Christian Register, review of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys, November 22, 1851, p. 186

So, wait, what about myth did he actually like??

the amount of Greek in your thesis will vastly outweigh that of Latin.



happy Ides of March all y’all plebeians


happy Ides of March all y’all plebeians



Definition: to utter howling sounds, as in shrill, wordless lamentation  wail     (Dictionary.com)

Origin: Latin, ululo, ululare - to howl, shriek, or celebrate/proclaim with howling.

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Ululation is one of my favorite classics-related things, and, on occasion, it’s also what my thesis makes me do!  Ululululululululululu….

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english major life

Marge - you’re close, but it’s more like I’m having difficulties with book characters…

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Quiz: Jay-Z Lyric or Line From The Great Gatsby?

This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

This is awesome.  I will never listen to Jay-Z the same way again.

Number of words in current thesis section draft: 9.

Number of words in current thesis section draft that are part of a pun: 9.

Scholarship can wait.  Tonight I’m not making no argument cause I be wordplaying.

"Medea’s Family Reunion: An Awkward Occasion"
— Attendance would be low, of course, since Medea would have killed most of her family already.  And this is why “Medea’s Witness Protection” would be the sequel!



(Thanks magistraomahony for the submission!)

Spot on - I absolutely must have looked like this when we first read it freshman year.  (And while we’re on the subject of Catullus 16, you can see check out one of the earliest Rejected Thesis Titles posts, which was inspired by this infamously obscene poetic gem.)

"'Dancing With Myself': A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show"
— Seriously, there’s gotta be something good a psych major could do with this, right?
"The Procrustean Bed in My Dorm Room: or, Why I Continue to Sleep All Contorted Even After Leaving the Confines of a Twin Extra-Long"
— A wonderful guest submission from English major (and hobbyist Classics fan) Christy T.  If you’re unfamiliar with Procrustes’ deal, Wikipedia has you covered on this one.

Classics major Florencia F. writes to inform us of a fantastic real life, genuine, bona fide article title that comes pretty close to blowing my mind.  To set the stage, this title comes from Richard Greene and Peter Vernezze’s The Sopranos and Philosophy: I Kill Therefore I Am (Popular Culture and Philosophy) (Open Court Press, 2004).

Pretty good so far, right?  I know!  And the title itself doesn’t disappoint.  Ladies and gentlemen, the University of Arizona’s Mike Lippman presents…

"Know Thyself, Asshole: Tony Soprano as an Aristotelian Tragic Hero”

I love this.  I really do.  Brilliant.  Thanks for sending this in, Florencia!

"I Can’t Tell You What It Really Is, I Can Only Tell You What It Feels Like: Rap and the Deconstruction of Sociocultural Signaling"
— Guest submission from sociology major Susanna S.  The implications for our conceptions of reality are upsetting…
"Fffffgehoiaksmd?: The Physiological Effects of Alcohol on Thesis Writing"
— The methodology for this horrendously-conceived Neuroscience thesis would be to have another drink with each new page and chronicle the disaster that ensued.  I imagine that, by page 18 or so, this paper would come to such an enlightening conclusion as: “I noww undrstnad why people r alwsauys sayung that    that OMFG I JuST SPILLLLeD WINE IT’S EVErYWHRE GROOSS”.
"T-Swift and the Swan: A Modern Interpretation of the Leda Myth"

I imagine this as a film thesis, inspired by the myth of Leda.  Here’s a production still:

Taylor and the Swan

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