"Luxury and Utopia, Mass Produced for All: A Perfectly Reasonable Thesis about Art Deco Architecture, Except All the Examples are from ‘Bioshock’"
— Context for anyone unfamiliar with the Bioshock video games: the setting for the first two games of the series is an underwater city called Rapture which, in addition to being dystopian and mutant-filled, features a great deal of art deco architecture (it’s actually very well done, and you can see some examples here).
"A Twist of Fate: The Visual Symbology of Pretzels from 16th and 17th Century Dutch Painting to 1969’s “Hercules in New York”"
— This one may require a bit of supplemental exposition, since the topic matter is somewhat obscure, but I promise it’s legit.  For those of you who have never spent a lot of time looking at Dutch paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries (just what have you been doing with with your life??), you should know that pretzels show up a lot.  Just look at these examples from Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Clara Peeters, Jan Steen, and Gabriel Metsu.  Meanwhile, the 1969 film “Hercules in New York” (which was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first feature films when he was still being billed as “Arnold Strong”) depicts Hercules as he gets into a fight with Zeus on Mount Olympus and, as a punishment for his insolence, is sent to modern-day New York, where he befriends a pretzel vendor creatively named Pretzie.  (Unrelated, but this film is amazing and everyone should watch it.)  So now you can see what I mean about how these damn pretzels keep showing up.  There has to be something to that!