"'Baby When We're Touching In the Dark, Can You Feel It?' 'No.': Ke$ha's 'Supernatural' as Critical Theory of Erotic Ghost Encounters and the Re-Interpretation of Aeneas and Creusa"
— Book II of the Aeneid contains a beautifully heartwrenching episode where Aeneas tries to find his lost wife, Creusa, in the mayhem of the destruction of Troy, only to encounter her ghost.  She tells him it is too late for her, but that he must save himself so that he can take their son and go start Rome (she’s slightly less direct, but you get the idea).  As he leaves, he tries to embrace three times, but his attempts are in vain - he cannot touch her.  

Ke$ha, meanwhile, is pretty sure she had sex with a ghost a few times and wrote a song about it.  (To hear her explain the concept of “Supernatural,” you can listen to her commentary on Spotify or watch this interview.)  

Put the two together, and BAM.  Disaster.
"Sure, You’re A Licensed Private Eye, But Tell Me About Your Sex Life: The Emphasis on Non-Normative Sexualities in Detective Fiction from Oedipus to Sherlock Holmes"
— OK, obviously Oedipus’s incest is in a very different category from Sherlock’s asexuality.  But I couldn’t figure out a better way to say it without the title becoming about seven lines long, so if anyone can come up with something better-but-still-succinct, I’d be eager to hear it!